In the previous article, OTA Update (Over-the-Air) - Solution for Remote Firmware Updates: Introduction, we have seen how the IoT devices and Industry 4.0 have demanded the use, more and more frequently, of OTA update solutions that make it easy to send remote software updates to devices. In this article, we'll cover UpdateHub, which provides a complete OTA update solution.


UpdateHub is a complete OTA update system that simplifies the process of remote updating of devices. This way, you can deliver updates that contain fixes and enhancements to your devices anywhere.

UpdateHub's working cycle begins when an update package containing the necessary enhancements and fixes for your devices, is sent to the management server. The management server is responsible for sending these updates securely to the devices. This occurs through an agent, integrated with the operating system of the device, and a management platform, which provides resources for managing the updates.

Using a remote update system can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining remote devices. In the video below, we can see how the use of an OTA solution can positively impact the perception of the quality of your product by your customer.

The ability to send fixes to devices with security and agility reduces the time to market of these products as new versions can be sent to those devices whenever improvements and fixes are required.

The integration of UpdateHub in your product is relatively simple. If your product is using OpenEmbedded or Yocto Project, the integration of UpdateHub is done with layers that support several versions of Yocto Project. All versions of Yocto Project, from version 2.1 (codename Krogoth) to version 2.7 (codename Warrior) are supported.

If your product uses the Zephyr Project as Operating System, the use of UpdateHub is also possible from version 1.14.

The UpdateHub management platform is available in two flavours. UpdateHub Community Edition is an open source version, constantly updated and maintained by the community. The UpdateHub Cloud provides an enterprise-class cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to allow all your efforts to focus on creating and adding value to your product, saving time and avoiding the costs of maintaining infrastructure.

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