We recently published a tutorial on this blog that explains in a simple and practical way how to integrate UpdateHub in Zephyr Project, you can access this tutorial through this link.

At the time the tutorial was launched, UpdateHub was still in the process of evaluation to be integrated into the official Zephyr Project repository.

It is with great happiness that we, from the UpdateHub team, bring to you a great news, since 06/04/2019 UpdateHub became part of the official repository of the Zephyr Project.

You can now use the official Zephyr Project repository, and take full advantage of all the benefits of the project community support, together with the UpdateHub.

The UpdateHub client on the Zephyr Project relies on CoAP or CoAP/DTLS communication and the user can choose between IPv4 or IPv6 protocols. The use of UpdateHub to perform OTA updates offers great security for the user, since it supports with authenticity of packages and authenticity verification of the image before it is installed.