Update devices from anywhere in the world, deploy new features and enhance security with UpdateHub.

Releasing updates to embedded systems isn't always an easy task. It can be by the number of devices, by the distance or simply by the inherent complexity of the process.

What if the updates could be done remotely, with centralized management that could send the new update packages on a large scale to anywhere in the world?

UpdateHub was created to meet the need for updating embedded systems through a simple end-to-end platform.

Presenting the UpdateHub solution

UpdateHub is a complete solution for updating embedded systems that allows its integration in a short amount of time, letting your team to focus on adding value to your product, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Timing is everything

With UpdateHub, your product can be delivered to the market quickly, as new features can be deployed continuously. Save time and release your product first.

To infinity and beyond

The number of devices doesn't matter. UpdateHub was designed for mass remote updates. With it, updates can be sent to any number of devices.

Minimize the risks

Failures can happen on any system. UpdateHub was designed to tolerate possible update failures, reducing the number of affected devices. The updates are made gradually and, in case of failures, the process is interrupted allowing your team to solve the problem.

Try UpdateHub today, for free, and start updating your devices.